No matter what happens tonight...

We are just a little less then 16 hours from the Royal Rumble where a man who's been champ for 434 days will face a movie star.  A really bad movie star but a movie star none the less.  I don't mean CM Punk's wrestling David Arquette. I'm probably the only one out there that doesn't disagree with Arquette's title run. 

Who would have thought back in 09 when Shane McMahon left the WWE after a feud with Legacy that I'd be watching WWE every Monday night again?  Back during the Monday Night Wars, I prefered Nitro because I loved the focus on wrestling.  Fast forward almost 10 years later and I couldn't make myself watch RAW.  I watched one time when the A-Team was on because I could not wait  for the movie to come out.

Then I hear on the 'net that Triple H was coming back as the COO of WWE.  Being a Shane McMahon fan, I was interested to see what Hunter had to say and see how the fans reacted.  Like a John Cena promo, the fast forward on my DVR won out and I missed most of Hunter's return promo.  When I stopped fast forwarding I wondered why Hunter was talking to someone that wasn't there.  I had no idea that Ron Killings had become nuts.  I would have probably stopped watching again shortly after I saw the Hunter stuff was boring but a skinny guy with a very big mouth caught my attention.

I have  never been a John Cena fan.  Who can blame me?  The first time I saw Cena wrestle was at Vengeance 2003.  So I rooted for Punk and then I started listening to his promos and went wow this guy is well rounded and fantastic!  I didn't get ROH and when Punk was in TNA they were only PPV shows.  I watched him briefly during his feud with Matt Hardy but I didn't get Smackdown or if I did I wasn't watching it.  I'd seen a picture of CM Punk in 05 during  his original summer of Punk and thought, this guy looks bad in a suit.  I saw him on TV during the Chris Benoit memorial RAW and thought: Oh that's the guy who was to lose to Benoit at Vengeance.  So as you can see, I wasn't a bandwagon fan.  I just never had a chance to see Punk.

Punk made WWE fun again.  I enjoyed all of his promos and have watched many of his indy matches, his shoot interviews (not just the ones that take place on a Las Vegas stage), and his DVD which may have gotten worn out from watching it so many times.  I'm a huge CM Punk fan. 

If Punk loses tonight, well that's the WWE's own stupidity.  If Punk wins tonight, it'll be a sign of how much faith the company has in a guy who turned the wrestling world upside down on 6/27/11.

Here's hoping Punk will be sitting on the Vegas stage with the title over his shoulder tomorrow.
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Matt's Gone...

It's so hard to think that Matt Hardy has left the WWE.  For real this time that is.  I remember telling Jules that Matt said he's still in England so that means the internet is wrong (Didn't say she was wrong but that's another issue).  Matt doesn't lie to his fans.  If he says he's in England he's in England.

So why then did he say today that there's more to the story and practically admitted he's left the WWE?  I'd like to believe Matt will tell us what's really going on when he's good and ready just like he did with the Amy issue. 

Matt's one of the most honest people and I'd believe him over even Scherer.  So I was wrong.  I hope Matt goes to TNA.  There's no one in WWE that I'd want to see him work with other then Danielson.

The Carolina boys (minus Helms and Daniels) could be back together in TNA.  That'd be nice.

Teaser to Tarnished Gold (AKA bad time for a power loss)

Notes: Some of the dialogue is taken from King for a Day but I really tried to rewrite it.
Tommy landed hard on the dirt ground.  He stood up and looked around.  He was surrounded by monsters.  He turned around slowly trying to take everything in.  "Where am I?"  He asked. 
"Surrender Gold Ranger!"  A deep and very familiar voice said. 
Tommy turned around quickly and saw Jason standing there morphed in the Red Ranger costume.  He felt a very strong sense of dejavu.  He hoped things weren't how they looked. 
"Jason?"  He asked his voice barely audible.  No it couldn't be Jason.  Gasket had to be tricking him. 
The Red Ranger didn't answer. 
"Where's Jason Gasket?"  Tommy asked.
"Welcome to my arena," The Red Ranger said.
He sounds just like Jason.  Tommy realized this wasn't a trick.  There was no denying it.  It was Jason. 
Jason continued, "you will surrender to me or you will fight."
"Jason what's wrong with you?"  Tommy asked moving closer.  
"You can not speak to the King this way," Gasket snapped.
"King?"  Tommy asked in confusion.  What did he mean King?
"I can handle this Gasket.  It seems I am not the only one who has a memory problem.  I am the King of the Machine Empire and I plan to rid the universe of the Power Rangers.  If you surrender to me, I will spare your life.  If you refuse, you will have to fight the best warrior."  His voice was as cold as it was when he was the Gray Ranger.
"Jase listen to me.  Gasket's tricking you.  You're not the King you're a..."
"Enough of this my king," Gasket said cutting him off.  "Do not listen to him.  He is just trying to trick you into sparing his life." 
Jason nodded.  "Send out our best warrior."
Tommy turned away from Jason and watched as a gold robot entered the Arena.  The Monsters around him were cheering. 
Tommy flicked his wrists and his zeonizers did not appear.  He tried again and nothing happened.  He was screwed.
"Ninja Ranger Power!"  He called using the one power he had used when he went out to face Rita.  Though that wouldn't really help him in a fight against a Robot. 
There was a flash of white light and he was in his Ninjetti costume.  
Gasket made a sound that Tommy couldn't quite decipher.  He decided Gasket was not happy about that trick that Tommy still had up his sleeve.
Tommy turned to The robot and started to fight him.  It was a back and forth fight.  Tommy was surprised that the robot could match all of his moves.  The moves were also very familiar.
He hit the ground with a thud pain going through his chest.  Tommy was able to grab the staff as he seemed to know just exactly what the Robot was going to do.  It all made sense now. 
"You transferred Jason's powers into this gold goon didn't you Gasket?"  Tommy asked between gasps for air. 
"I don't know what you are talking about."  Gasket singsonged.
Tommy used the staff to get to his feet.  "Jase is that you?"
The monster didn't answer.
"Bro?"  He asked again.  Thinking maybe Gasket had switched Jason's mind for the robot.
"I'm Altor!"  Altor yelled.
"Good, then you aren't Jason."  He said and hit him with the staff.  He had to move out of the way of the blast. 
He could feel his Ninjetti powers starting to weaken.  They weren't really meant for huge fights.  That's what morphing was for. 
This was not going to go well at all.
"Your plan failed Gasket."  Tommy said throwing down the staff.  "Let Jason go!"
"What are you talking about Gold Ranger?  He's not a prisoner."
"Are you ready to surrender Gold Ranger?  Or is it White Ranger?" 
"No I do not surrender."
"Then you and I will fight."
"Jason you have to listen to me.  You are not the King.  You are my best friend.  Gasket's brainwashed you.  You need to fight this."
Jason turned to Gasket.  "I'm ready," he said and the next moment he was in front of Tommy. 
Tommy's powers decided then to give out.

FIC: Family Feud prologue

Title: Family Feud
Author: Dana
Rating: PG
Warnings: Wrestling violence
Summary: One son is caught in a family feud and again he finds himself having to choose sides.
Author's note: This is a sequel to a fic that isn't even finished called Family Secrets.  This fic starts out on the RAW on 6/5. 
Disclaimer: I don't own them.
Hunter Hearst Helmsley stood in the lockerroom with a cellphone to his ear.  "Enjoy it.  It's my way of saying congratulations.  I'm sorry I couldn't make the graduation.  I wanted to but you know how things are here.  He's gotten worse since your mom's pregnant."  He chuckled.  "After all these years and you still have trouble with that?  I'll catch you later.  Yeah I'm going to be home in a couple of days.  Talk to you later." 
Hunter turned around to see Jonathan 'Coach' Coachman standing there.  "What do you want?"  He asked not hiding his disgust. 
"Vince wants to see you in his office now."  Coach said. 
Hunter turned away completely ignoring Coach. 
"I think he meant now."
"Whatever."  Hunter said and went the oposite direction of where he knew Vince's office was.  He did not want to deal with his father-in-law tonight.  He had been in a good mood when he came in the ring and now it was ruined. 
His cellphone started to ring.  He looked at the caller ID and shook his head. 
"Hey.  You forget something?"  He asked. 
'You seem stressed are you okay?' 
"Why would I be stressed?"  He asked.  "I'm here doing a job I love."  Hunter said as he opened the bottled water in his hand and was about to take a swig. 
'I bet you are right now about to take a swig of water.  Aquafina must make a fortune off how much water you waste.' 
"You know me too well.  Where are you?  You sound like you are just down the hall.  Get a new cell?" 
'No same phone you gave me last time I was home.  I just happen to be right behind you.' 
Hunter turned around to see Shane McMahon standing about 20 feet behind him with a cellphone to his ear while carrying a bag over his shoulder. 
Hunter went over and hugged his son.  "I thought you said you were just leaving Rhode Island." 
"Steph bought me a plane ticket to come to the show.  Rodney and Pete are going to drive my car home.  Linda picked me up at the airport." 
"So that's what Vince wanted to talk about." 
"Vince?  I don't think he knows I'm here.  Why what's been going on?" 
"You haven't watched RAW?" 
"When would I have had time Hunter?"  Shane snorted.  "I've been busy trying to finish college." 
"Come on let's go to my lockerroom.  This is going to be a long story.  Let's just say it deals with your grand father and his Kiss My Ass Club." 

Another call center

I had a Customer call demanding we call her credit card company to have the charge reversed.  She had been notified that credit card companies (not my company because we release credits right away) may take up to 3 to 21 days to post a credit.  I happily took the phone number and called her credit card company.  They gave me another phone number that got me absolutely nowhere.

This is all fine and I decide since the card company is confused I will conference in the Customer when I call.  This is where the fun starts.

I sit on the line and let the Customer talk to the card company and she explains to the person at the card company that she was told to have my company call them and that there was some kind of problem when I tried.

Credit card person: Yes they probably didn't want to do it for you and tried to pass it on to you.

Me: Actually I'm with the company in question and I'm on the line.

You could hear her mentally going: Oh crap.

Moral of the story: Be careful what you say.  You don't know who may be listening ;)

As for the credit card issue, my company uses real time authorization so if we void an order, it will take 3 to 21 days to post to credit card.

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"You don't like it."  Alex Nelson said as he held open the front door for his daughter Mariah. 


"I didn't say that dad.  I love it."  Mariah said with a smile. 


"I had looked all over for the perfect car for your sixteenth birthday and it just seemed to be the one for you." 


"Dad stop it I love it."  Mariah said as she picked up her cat, Samson, who had been laying on the couch.  "Not everyone in my class has a Fiesta." 


"I know it was late but I was waiting for the car.  John at work was able to find it.  I'm glad you like it." 


"Yeah I do."  She went into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of soda.  "I mean come on dad.  It's like the dream of every  teenager who turns 16 to get a car for their birthday.  I..."


A flash of bright light stopped her. 


She screamed. 


"Mariah?"  Alex asked coming running into the room.  "No."  He said taking in the newcomer. 


"Hello Alexzin."  The woman greeted. 




"This must be Mariah," she said turning to smile at the startled teenager. 


"What are you doing here?"  Alex asked.   


"I believe her sixteenth birthday was two weeks ago.  I know I'm late but I had to track you two down.  I should have known when I saw her with the Earthen Rangers that this was your daughter.  She looks just like you." 


"Earthen Rangers?  Dad what is she talking about and who is she?"  It was only a month ago that she had found out her father was a Power Ranger.  Earthen Rangers? 


"I'm your mother."  The mysterious woman said.  "Your father and I had an agreement that when you turned sixteen you would come live with me."


"What?"  Mariah asked looking at her father who wouldn't look at her. 


"I'm sorry Mariah."  He said quietly. 


"Pack some things.  You don't need to pack too much.  We can always purchase things.  Let me talk to your father." 


Mariah turned to her father before leaving the room. 


"Maliria I can't believe you are doing this!  You can't bring her into your life.  That's why I have custody of her." 


"She's my daughter Alex and we had an agreement.  You've had her for sixteen years.  I haven't seen her since the day she was born."  Maliria's eyes  teared up. 


Mariah came back into the room. 


"Dad?"  Her voice shook.  "Please say she's joking.  I don't want to go." 


"I know you don't."  Alex said taking his daughter in his arms.  "Maliria don't do this." 


"Alex let her go or I will just take her."  She said folding her arms across her chest.  "You know I can." 


Alex sighed.  "Mariah go pack some things." 


Mariah did so throwing everything in the suitcase not bothering to fold it.  She reentered the room and hurried to her father. 


"Please don't make me go."  She said.  "I don't even know who this woman is." 


"She's your mother," he said in a quiet voice, "and I don't have a choice."  He turned and looked at his former love.  "If you let anything happen to her..." 


"I won't."  Maliria took her arm and they disappeared as quickly as she had appeared. 


Alex went into his study to take the coin.  He was going to visit Zordon.  When he went into his study he found the coin was missing. 


FIC: Mirror Mirror 2/?

"Brendan? My name is Dr. Marissa Mazzola. You can call me Marissa if you like."

Brendan didn't say anything.

"Why don't we go into my office to talk." Marissa said standing up.

Brendan got up slowly he looked at his crossword before picking it up and following Marissa into an office that still said: Dr. Carlos Walston on the door.

"Have a seat." She said before pulling the desk chair out in front of her desk and sitting down.

"Brendan do you know why you are here?"

He didn't answer.

"According to Dr. Carew you are hear because you believe you are Shane McMahon. Is that true?"

Still no answer.

"Look Brendan I just want to help you."

Brendan snorted. "You'll be out of here before you can 'help'." He said making quote gestures with his hands. "Why should I talk to you?"

"Brendan, I really am going to try to help you but you have to try. Tell me why you think you are Shane McMahon.

Brendan turned away again before saying, "does it matter?"

"It does! I can't help you if I don't know the full story."

"I don't believe I'm Shane McMahon." He said in a quiet voice.

"Well that's..." She started to say but she was cut off.

"I am Shane McMahon."

Marissa bit her lip. She probably should have seen that coming.

"Do you want to talk about the night you attacked Shane McMahon?" She decided to start there.

Shane shook his head.

"I want to understand you better. Maybe if I knew why you attacked someone..."

"I attacked him because he wasn't me."

"Well then, who is he?" She pressed gently.

"I have no idea."

"He's Shane McMahon."

Brendan shook his head. "Yeah right and my mother really is on TV right now."

"Right..." She trailed off and then saw what Shane was staring at. She turned her head and saw that there was a view of a TV set on in the rec room that was now playing a wrestling show she supposed. She hadn't noticed that the back wall was a one way mirror. She didn't know anything about wrestling.

"Look," Brendan said standing up. "I'm not supposed to be watching RAW. Dear old dad probably thinks it will upset me."

Marissa flipped through the file and did see Brendan was confined in his room after 9 PM. She decided to try another approach. "If he is your dad," she started, "why would he lock you up here saying you aren't Shane McMahon?"

"Because I know what they did to my mother. I know I'm not the only one missing." He reached for the door knob.


There was a knock on the door. The door opened and an orderly came in to view. "Sorry Brendan." He said apologetically. "Dr. Mazzola I need to escort Brendan back to his room now."

"Of course."

Brendan looked at her again before following the orderly out of the room.

Marissa sat back in the chair thinking, this was going to be harder then she imagined.

FIC: Mirror Mirror 1/?

Title: Mirror Mirror
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Violence, death, all kinds of really bad stuff
Summary: A psychiatrist is put on the case of a man claiming to be Shane McMahon. What she finds out, will unravel the dark secrets of the WWF.
Time frame: Starts out a couple of months after WM 17.
Author's note: Uh the psychiatrist in this fic is not married to Shane McMahon.
Disclaimer: This is a toughy. If you've seen them on TV I don't own them.

Marissa Mazzolla straightened her name tag as she walked into Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan Connecticut. She walked up to the office of Dr. Ray Carew who was head doctor at the hospital, and the man who she was told to see. She knocked on the door.

"Come in!"

Marissa entered and found a gray haired man looking through a folder as he wrote some notes.

"You are?" He asked without looking up.

"Dr. Mazzolla. I'm here to work on the case of Brendan Orion."

"Oh yes." The man said looking up from the folder. "I'm sorry I'm a little out of sorts at the moment. I just had one of the chief psychiatrists resign. I didn't expect someone to replace him so soon." He reached into his final cabinet and pulled out a file folder and handed it to her. "Have a seat."

Marissa did so.

"I'm Dr. Carew." He said sticking his hand out for her to shake.

She shook it.

"Now how much do you know about Mr. Orion?"

"Not much other then he seems to think he's a Shane McMahon. He tried to attack him I believe? I only really got an overview of the case when I was offered it."

"Yes Brendan's an interesting patient." Dr. Carew said sitting back in his chair. "He's so certain he's Shane McMahon that he went as far as to attack Shane. He was placed here almost a year ago. Sad to say, he's made absolutely no progress. Many psychiatrists have given up. Don't worry, Dr. Mazzola, if you decide the case is too much for you."

"I like a challenge."

He chuckled. "Good then you are in luck. Shall we go meet him?"

She nodded and followed him out of the room. They went into a rec room where several patients were playing cards or watching a baseball game on the TV. Dr. Carew led her to a table where a young man who appeared to be in his late twenties was working on a crossword puzzle. She noticed right away that he was using a ballpoint pen.

"Brendan," Dr. Carew said.

The young man looked up rolled his eyes and then went back to the crossword puzzle. "Let me guess." He said in a soft voice. "She's my new psychiatrist."

Dr. Carew sighed and said, "now Brendan..."

"Yeah whatever."

"Well I'll leave you two to get to know each other." He said and hurried away.

Marissa took a seat. The man just ignored her.

She definitely had her work cut out for her.

Guardians of time: Return Home (TEASER)

Return Home

Leo Corbett was still trying to get used to being home. He had, after all, spent months with the Defenders, which wasn't nearly as long as it had been here it turned out. He had been home one day and already he felt like calling the Defenders and telling them they had dropped him off in the wrong time and dimension. This wasn't his team. But the sad fact was, it was.

Leo turned towards Tommy, Jason, Zhane, and Alexis who had accompanied him to this dimension. "It's Terra Venture." He said.

"Is it your Terra Venture?" Alexis asked.

"I'm not sure yet." Leo said looking around. Everything looked right.

"Leo?" A voice called.

Leo turned around to see Maya and Damon running towards him.

Maya hugged him.

"We were so worried!" She said. "But we knew you'd be back."

"We didn't stop searching." Damon said clapping him on the shoulder. "Especially Mike."

"Mike." Leo said and started to move away.

"Kai went to tell him." Damon said quickly. "Alpha contacted us to let us know you were back."

Leo turned to his new friends and said. "Jason, Zhane, Tommy, and Alexis this is Maya and Damon two of my teammates. Maya and Damon these are Jason, Zhane, Tommy, and Alexis who have been helping me get back."

"It's nice to finally meet you." Alexis said sticking out her hand. "Leo told us about you."

Leo smiled. Alexis heard the least about his teammates but had wanted to come with them.

"In fact..." She stopped and turned very pale.

"Lex?" Zhane asked turning to see she was looking at and reached for his morpher.

Everyone turned to see what was going on except Alexis who fainted.

Coming towards them was Astronema.

"Tommy get Alexis out of here." Jason said. Tommy was still recovering from his injuries and he knew he shouldn't be fighting yet. Besides, they didn't even have their powers at the moment.

"Wait what's going on?" Maya asked.

"That's Astronema." Zhane said.

"No that's Karone." Kai said as he and Mike joined them. "She's the new Pink Galaxy Ranger."

"She's what?" Leo yelled.

Things hadn't gotten any better after that. After the Defenders left, promising to contact him for the wedding, he sat down with his team and listened as they explained everything.

They told him how Kendrix had died while fighting the Psycho Rangers. How Karone had helped the team when Trakena attacked with the sabre and how they were in a lost galaxy at the moment.

Leo had a hard time wrapping his mind around the fact that this Karone was good. The Astronema he had heard about had tried to kill Alexis and Andros more then once. She had destroyed KO-35 without any remorse and she had killed Tessa in some strange space-time continuum correction that he still didn't understand.

He did know one thing. He wasn't going to be on the same team as Karone. He didn't trust her.

Teaser to Whisper in the Dark (For the anniversary of the Benoit tragedy)

Notes: I first want to say that the Detectives opinions in this story are not mine. I need to write them this way for the story to work.

Jean looked at the folder that had been sent up from Fayetteville. It had been suggested to them, from a unanimous source, to look into a double homicide suicide in an Atlanta Georgia suburb. She had heard of the tragedy but she didn't see what kind of connection there was. As far as she could tell the Benoit tragedy had a father who had gone crazy and killed his wife and son. This wasn't the same thing.

"Hey," Tony said looking up from his desk where he had been on the phone. She hadn't been paying attention to his phone call as she made notes. "The Fayetteville Police Department says we can make copies of the folder but they do want it back."

"Okay." She said.

She started to get up to go to the copy machine when something caught her eye.

Bibles. There were bibles left near Nancy and Daniel.

She picked up the Levesque/McMahon folder and started to flip through the folder of pictures the coroner had taken of Shane McMahon. She saw something she had previously missed. She waited until her partner was off of the phone.

"Tony take a look at this." She said handing him the picture.

"What am I looking for?" Tony asked holding the picture up closer.

"Look at McMahon's wrists. Look at what's tying him to the staircase."

Tony looked at them and even grabbed a magnifying glass. "Is that a rosary?"

"That's what it looks like to me." She said. "With the Benoit case they had found bibles next to Nancy and Daniel Benoit's bodies."

"You think there's a connection?"

"I have no idea but it's worth looking into."